Libraries here

There are all kinds of libraries in this town.  Personal
libraries cover the walls of the living rooms and more.
Metaphysical and holistic topics fill the U.R.🌞.

The public libraries offer many activities:  concerts, computers classes & tutoring, and even dental amalgam mercury education (from the DAMS group) has been displayed.  I found the book, It’s All in Your Head, there which helped me understand mercury poisoning from mercury dental fillings.

The William & Mary library hopefully still has the more than 30 pounds of info about dental mercury given to them after the 2010 Mercury Expo by the DAMS group.

Maybe you’ve seen one of the collections outside.  I took a few children to one in my neighborhood.  There are plenty of topics there for adults too.  Taped to the back wall of 1 of them was the newsletter from the National Vaccine Information Center, the non-profit sharing info about vaccine ingredients and injuries, and applying for $compensation$.  Hmm!