Delores Krieger, RN, PhD published her first book about promoting health with light touch or no touch in 1979! While her book is categorized as nursology, others view it as part of the occult.   She wrote at that time about these methods that could increase hemoglobin content of blood, increase level of cortisol in saliva reducing stress, and around surgery time decrease pain, meds, and healing time.  

I recently brought it and other texts about the biofield to my dermatology surgeon.  I used it on myself before, during, and after surgery.  When I asked later if I could do some 10 minute relaxation of the staff with biofield therapy I was told no because of confidentiality issues.

Oh well, so glad I got to work in an “allowing” place in India where eye surgeons werelaughing while receiving it on a busy surgery day.😃.  Of course their patients also received