They are BOLD in my neighborhood.  They can come onto the deck and look in the glass kitchen door.  Some have antlers.  So my question to my husband, who does understand about Virginia nature is, “How should I behave if one starts to approach me in an aggressive manner?  Should I wave my arms while saying shoo?”

“No.  “You should move away while looking friendly.  But if the deer begins to attack then of course run, scream, or whatever to escape.”

Their homes have been taken away as the area cuts down so many trees to prepare for…..They annoy by eating pretty flowers, like the day lillies in my yard.  Fall is mating season, where they really are leaping around.  I’ve had my car repaired more than once because of a deer.  They carry ticks (leading to Lyme’s disease for some folks).

On the plus side I enjoy seeing them.  They can be comical.  They play now with a neighbor’s mostly white cat.  They’ve shaved a neighbors’ wooden mailbox post.