is Dental Amalgam Mercury Syndrome (Survivors/Solutions)

excerpt from Dentistry Without Mercury, 2000 ed, page 87, written by a unusual dentist

“Some very wonderful people”….who feel a strong obligation to inform other citizens of the potential health hazards of inhaling mercury vapor and swallowing abraded particles of mercury from their amalgam dental fillings 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Some have had years of suffering and frustration without ever receiving a valid medical diagnosis or having the cause of their health problems identified.”

Now that it’s 2020 you, yourself, can request a tri-level mercury speciation test online from Quicksilver Scientific.   It uses urine, blood, and hair, to give some indication of sources of mercury and ability of kidneys to detoxify.  Consultation about results, and possibly suggestions about how to strengthen kidneys for detox is included.  You can choose (or not) their products for chelation and monitoring as a separate transaction.  This is allowed for Virginia residents.  (Why not for all states?)

We have helped educate the clueless who are part of the medical-dental system we are all living with today.  Although we didn’t get laws passed, we can see testimony online, watch videos, and make better choices.