Cinnamon is something I used to think of only at the holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas. I see it in so many other places and read about it too.  There’s s some included in a ready-made applesauce we’ve bought in the grocery store.  One year a neighbor gave me and David a cinnamon cake!   

Cinnamon is a popular spice in this country.  It can help lower blood sugar, meaning it can reduce or limit medication which a lot of people are taking nowadays.  One of the ladies I met at a Weston A Price potluck told an interesting story about it.  Her medical doctor said he would have to put her on prediabetes medication if numbers on the medical test didn’t go down.  She added one teaspoon of cinnamon to her coffee every morning.  Result?  Her doctor was happy not to prescribe any medication for her.  This senior citizen, although a bit overweight, was happier too.

Coffee spikes insulin, so adding cinnamon in some form at breakfast can be a good choice.  You might consider it in one of Dr Hyman’s shakes from his book, The Blood Sugar Solution. (See entry “Breakfast”, 9/1/20.)