5 Gs

First heard “5Gs” from a lady half my age working in a world of electronics.  She had some concern about “it” surrounding her in the future.  She wanted to sample some of the biofield healing I was doing.  She felt this was helpful and she came back for more.  She also wanted to read more and “see something on YouTube”.  I gave her some info and told her how to see on YouTube and also where to take a nearby class.

My first experience of getting a hands-on biofield treatment was in Hampton with the GISA Sanctuary.  I felt a gentle stunning during the 8 minute treatment on the table in a large room. It was done by 2 people.  I took this and later treatments to mean the electrical damage from my teeth was being healed.  I took some classes to work on myself and others.  Unfortunately this work done at the subatomic level is pushed to the side by the mainstream.

UNFORTUNATELY I found out this small town of Williamsburg has 5Gs!