I’ve watched part of the Netflix series, “The Crown”.  I saw the world that Elizabeth II, Queen of England lived in as a child.  The coal power plants (with mercury) in the background were spewing out quite a stack of mercury (now known to be a potent neurotoxin).  Her father and other male friends of the family were smoking a lot.

How is it that she is still reigning at 92?  Some would say that having a  homeopathic medical doctoring has definitely made this possible.  

Homeopathic substances come from animals, vegetable, mineral prepared in such a way that they are not toxic and don’t cause any negative side effect.  Elizabeth’s relatives started using this system in the 1800s.  

Use of homeopathy is growing in this country.  An example is what happened to Lisa Marie Presley (Elvis’s daughter) at about 35 years old.  As reported in a April 17, 2003 Rolling Stone Magazine she had gone to all kinds of USA doctors from the east cost to the west coast to get some kind of diagnosis for all her symptoms.  It was a homeopathic doctor (some also have MD training) gave the diagnosis – mercury poisoning.  And get the mercury dental fillings safely removed from your teeth.  For her, the dental appointments were dramatic, as she lost symptoms immediately after.  Stress and toxic teeth were responsibleso many symptoms.           

I read Lisa’s story in a newsletter from DAMS.  (See entry of Aug 20).

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Water is essential to life.  Approximately 65% of an adult’s body water.  As we get older we need to drink more of it.  (See “Hunt”entry of Dec 31, 2019.)

Drinking a glass of water before eating cuts down on eating somewhat.  Ayurvedic (ancient system of medicine from India) practitioners say no ice.  Ice constricts tissues needed for digestion.

Definitely filter all  2020 water.  Prices of these filter items vary a lot.  You can buy something for less than $100 but the priciest are in the thousands.  Some will list all the contaminants it will filter.  Bacteria, viruses, and other microscopic particles are more important than ever for us to eliminate to boost our immune systems.  Don’t forget to filter the shower.  I’m not going to get into brand names but Living Waters Water Treatment System put under the counter takes out quite a list of bad substances:  au-now.com

ph value of water should be 7.  Some device may boast an outpouring of 9.  7 is the natural state of our bodies.

Nikken (the magnet people) have a wide range of devices and prices.  Magnets and magnet education are included.  Al and Sandra Thornton, PhD come to town periodically from Richmond to present.  Their phone numbers are:  (804)294-9644 and (894)840-5695.

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